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== Overview ==
The JSM ( '''J'''abber '''S'''oftware '''M'''ap ) is the JSF's software directory site. Endusers can browse through the listing and XMPP developers can publish news and announcements. The JSM is an information hub between end users and XMPP developers.

== For EndUsers ==
Endusers can search and browse the directories. Several categories divide the informations into thematical contexts. Endusers can subscribe to a project. Whenever a project releases a new version, the enduser is notified through XMPP.

== For XMPP developers ==
XMPP developers can add their projects to the directory. JDevs can publish new releases on the JSM. All new releases are shown on the frontpage in chronological order and provide some audience.

=== To get your project to the top place ===
Add a release! Updating project informations does not catapult your project to the top place on the frontpage, add a release to get the first place ! :-)

== The Crew ==
Behind the JSM a small team of volunteers maintains the directory and reviews submittals of new projects, new releases and screenshots before these go live.


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