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The XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) will hold its third devcon on Monday and Tuesday, July 23 and 24, 2007 in Portland, Oregon, USA. This is the same week as [http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2007/ OSCON 2007]. All interested developers of XMPP servers, clients, code libraries, or related applications are welcome to attend.
==Discussion Topics==
In general the discussion will focus on solving problems related to important XMPP protocol extensions and brainstorming new XMPP applications (including integration with existing applications such as content management and social networking).
Here are some potential topics for discussion:
* Personal Eventing via Pubsub (PEP)
* End-to-end encryption
* Jingle
* Spim prevention
* Simultaneous XML editing (for whiteboarding etc.)
* Establishment of a certification program
* Improvement of the [http://www.xmpp.org/interop/ interop testing network]
* SASL EXTERNAL and the Intermediate Certification Authority (ICA)
* Clarifications to rfc3920bis
Details to follow.
Room sharing is encouraged. Join the [http://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo/oscon OSCON discussion list] to discuss room sharing and logistics information with other participants.
The following people are confirmed for participation:
* [xmpp:stpeter@jabber.org Peter Saint-Andre] (XMPP Standards Foundation)
* Matt Tucker (Jive Software / XSF Board)
==Past Events==
[[DevCon2]] -- February 2007 (Brussels, Belgium)
DevCon1 -- July 2006 (Portland, Oregon) -- see [[Interop Event 2006]]


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