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My name is Curtis King and I'm applying for XSF membership.

Contact Information:

I have been working as a system programmer or a developer for close to 20 years now. I have written a number of commercial IMAP/POP3 servers, the latest
being Isode's [ M-Box].
I have also written a distributed phone control system using SIP and Avaya's cvlan protocols. Plus numerous other distributed applications using various message passing
protocols like BEEP.

I work full time for [ Isode Limited] as the Architect for M-Box and M-Link.

==XMPP Projects==
I designed and implemented the Isode XMPP server, [ M-Link].

===Plans for the future===
Continued work on M-Link including adding clustering support and XMPP over HF radio.

==XMPP - Why I like it==
I like using my own code for the services I run, so now I can use IM. It opens some interesting options to explore.

==Why I'm applying==
I could give some polically correct answer, but now I have a dog in the fight so it's nice to have some voice on the standard. No matter how small.


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