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# Write some views displaying mock data in a new poezio tab
# Write some views displaying mock data in a new poezio tab
# Wire up the views to the data provided by slixmpp
# Wire up the views to the data provided by slixmpp
== Dino ==
''Website:'' https://dino.im/<br/>
''Source Code:'' https://github.com/dino/dino<br/>
''Description:'': Dino is a modern open-source chat client for the desktop. It focuses on providing a clean and reliable Jabber/XMPP experience while having your privacy in mind.<br/>
''Project Contact Persons:'' fiaxh and larma [mailto:team@dino.im <team@dino.im>]<br/>
''List of Teaser Tasks:'' https://github.com/dino/dino/issues
''Contact chat:'' [xmpp:chat@dino.im chat@dino.im]
=== Jingle File Transfer ===
''Brief explanation'': The XMPP protocol includes a signaling system to set-up peer-to-peer connections, dubbed Jingle. One usecase for Jingle is to transfer files without an intermediary. This project idea is about adding support for file transfers using Jingle, fully integrated with current Dino features.
''Involved technologies'': XMPP, Jingle/WebRTC, Vala, Networking
''Mentors'': Marvin W (larma), fiaxh
''Deliverables / Expected results'':
* Support for sending and receiving Jingle file transfers
* Automatically detect when peer-to-peer file transfer usage makes sense instead of http file uploads
* Support for WebRTC-based Jingle transport for compatibility with web-based clients
* Implement OpenPGP and OMEMO encrypted file transfers
=== Inline link preview ===
''Brief explanation'': When sharing links using chat messages, it is often hard to see what is behind the link. Many clients thus provide previews of the linked content. We'd like to add this functionality and give a preview or embed for all kind of links, for example by parsing the Open Graph protocol, similar metadata or heuristic approaches. We also want to explore ways to send preview information with the message to reduce workload for the receiving devices.
''Involved technologies'': XMPP, Vala, GTK+, Web, OpenGraph
''Mentors'': Marvin W (larma), fiaxh
''Deliverables / Expected results'':
* User interface widget to display metadata, suitable for preview image, title, abstract and the original url/domain.
* Automatic generation of metadata, working with major websites. This should be done in a generic fassion, not targeting a specific website
* Design or reuse a specification for sending metadata with XMPP messages


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