Simon Tennant Application 2011

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My name is Simon Tennant and I am applying for XSF membership.


I'm interested in decentralised, federated systems and believe that systems like XMPP will grow in importance. The realtime-ness of XMPP is also an exciting tool to use in fun apps.

I've been working on the buddycloud project for the last three years. The team is better off without my coding skills, instead I try to push buddycloud in a very easy-to-use direction

XMPP-related projects

buddycloud mostly

I think that XMPP on the mobile, especially with project's like AsmackService make it easy to bring xmpp connectedness to the mobile.

Why I'm applying

I am already very involved in XMPP things and this would be a nice way to formalise that and to also start working on some of the social bits in XMPP. (Eventually I'd like to see a good spec for XMPP social, I just don't think we are there yet)

Contact details


Please get in touch if you have any questions!