Sam Whited Application 2015

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  • Full Name: Sam Whited
  • Jabber ID:
  • E-Mail:
  • Job: Platform engineer with Atlassian (HipChat)

About me

I'm a platform engineer at HipChat where I mostly work on adding client facing features to our custom XMPP server and attempt to make it more standards compliant. While my professional interest in XMPP only started fairly recently (until this job I've always worked in the infosec industry), I've complained about, I mean, "been an avid user of", the protocol for many years.

My contributions to XMPP include a great deal of work on the Android client Conversations ( — including adding SCRAM-SHA-1 support, implementing the blocking command, and many other changes besides — lots of minor work on XEPs (, and a few that I've authored myself (Current OTR Usage, Mobile Considerations, OTR Disco, HipChat's Entity Versioning protocol, etc.). I was also recently voted on to the XSF editors team (and then told I couldn't participate until I actually became a member, which I'm doing now).

My primary objective in joining the XSF would be to help my crusade to weed out duplicate protocols that lead to client interop issues, and to make sure that I'm actually allowed to help where hands are needed.