Ralph Meijer for Council 2011

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Me and Jabber

I have been active in the Jabber community since late 2000, serving on the XMPP Council since 2004.


Current focuses include working on the XMPP support in the Twisted networking framework, Wokkel, and a Jabber server based on that, along with my ongoing efforts to federate social networks using XMPP at Mediamatic Lab.

I am co-author of several XEPs, mostly around XMPP Publish Subscribe.

Eleventh Council Priorities

  • Finish Jingle file-transfer.
  • Revise the Multi-User Chat specification and work out how to properly use Jingle and Publish Subscribe in combination with MUC.
  • Define best-practice documents and optionally new specifications to use XMPP next to HTTP in traditionally web-only applications, in particular with regard to federating social network applications.