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Date Time Topic Presenter Contact address Slides (PDF best) Notes Recording
12/14/2021 17:00 UTC Fighting Windows and XMPP - Building a modern Windows XMPP Client Fabian Sauter TBA TBA The developer of the UWPX Windows client will present insight in his experience with the UWP platform and implementation of the XMPP protocol. TBA
11/15/2021 12:00 UTC Virtual Co-working Hour Open session This week join us to show off and hack on your favorite projects, or just hang out.
10/5/2021 16:00 UTC Fiscal Hosting and Open Collective Sam Whited We'll show off the new Open Collective profile and discuss fiscal hosting. A mix of a quick overview of the platform and a discussion about how it can be useful to your project
8/3/2021 16:00 UTC Preview of Communiqué Sam Whited Communiqué is a new TUI client similar to McAbber. This talk will show a preview of the UID and we'll discuss the design philosophy, and maybe show some fun features and easter eggs.
7/27/2021 16:00 UTC Building a Chat Bot on Ad Hoc Commands Christopher Vollick We in the project wanted to use ad-hoc commands to allow users to configure their accounts, but not all clients support them. Implementing a chat bot helped bridge that gap.
6/22/2021 16:00 UTC XEP Modernization Roundtable Open discussion XEPs: We'll put together a list of XEPs that can be deprecated, obsoleted, or that need a rewrite. Everyone can bring a list and make suggestions, then we'll go through them and explain each one and try to come to consensus / designate authors if a new XEP is necessary! XEPs:
6/1/2021 16:00 UTC Demo: ad-hoc commands and forms with Mellium Sam Whited We'll demo using ad-hoc commands in Mellium to draw forms. Also we'll discuss some problems with the spec and how they could be resolved.
5/4/2021 17:00 UTC Gajim 1.4 Preview Philipp Hörist Preview of the changes we plan for 1.4. Gajim gets a big GUI overhaul.
4/27/2021 16:00 UTC Intro to JMAP Daniel Gultsch
4/20/2021 16:00 UTC Feedback request: Intro to XMPP Sam Whited This will be the technical version of the presentation. If you already know it all, please provide feedback and invite any XMPP newbies you want to get involved!
4/13/2021 16:00 UTC Round Table: Towards XMPP 2.0 Open discussion Notes: A round table discussion about features, changes, and fixes in a hypothetical future "XMPP 2.0" Notes:
4/6/2021 16:00 UTC Cryptographic Identity: Conquering the Fingerprint Chaos Paul Schaub (vanitasvitae) An idea on how to tackle the complexity problem of fingerprint verification in end-to-end encrypted multi device messaging
3/31/2021 17:00 UTC bridging us all together Stephen Paul Weber (singpolyma) An overview of the goals and current state of the (including Cheogram and projects
3/26/2021 17:00 UTC Designing Message Styling Sam Whited An overview of the design and implementation of the Message Styling API in Mellium