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This page tries to list the presentations that are made worldwide.

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Who When Occasion Title Slides
Jack Moffitt April 2009 JSConf 2009 The Real Time Web with XMPP: An Introduction to Strophe.js Slideshare
Nicolas Vérité March Solutions Linux 2009 XMPP et interopérabilité SlideShare
Jehan Pagès February 10 years of Jabber Introduction à XMPP
Nicolas Vérité February 10 years of Jabber Historique, situation et perspectives SlideShare
Laurent Lathieyre February 10 years of Jabber BuddyMob
Jan Torben Heuer February 10 years of Jabber Privacy-respecting social network based on XMPP
Kael February 10 years of Jabber Kael's bot
Grégoire Menuel February Les Jeudis du Libre Présentation de XMPP PDF
Dave Cridland January FOSDEM 2009 Information Flow in XMPP Clients PDF
Florian Jensen January FOSDEM 2009 Large Scale XMPP Deployments PDF
Dirk Meyer January FOSDEM 2009 Personal Media Networks PDF
Simon Tennant January FOSDEM 2009 Doing Geolocation with XMPP PDF
Jack Moffitt January FOSDEM 2009 Integrating XMPP into Web Technologies PDF
Remko Tronçon, Peter Saint-Andre January FOSDEM 2009 XMPP 101 WWW (PDF & SlideShare)
Simon Chemouil et Geoffroy Youri January 2009 Toullibre, Toulouse (France) Linux User Group Présentation Toulibre, Jabber/XMPP PDF 1 and PDF 2
Jan Torben December 2008 Chaos Communication Congress Privacy in the social semantic web : Social networks based on XMPP PDF
Jack Moffitt SAPO Codebits Exploring XMPP PDF