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My name is Peter Waher and I work with Internet of Things, Social Networks and Semantic Web technologies. My interest in XMPP is to use it as the basis for a safe and secure IoT/Social Networking infrastructure which competing actors can share in a secure and interoperable manner.


XMPP Activity

Apart from writing a second book on IoT and IoT-related protocols (Mastering Internet of Things:, I've authored and coauthored several XEPs that lay a foundation for interoperable IoT applications using XMPP.

List of XEPs that I've been part in authoring:

The following presentation provides information about both the XEPs above, and future planned XEPs relating to the Internet of Things:

Purpose for reapplying

The main purpose for reapplying for membership is to be able to propose XMPP extensions and support existing ones. My main interest is to expand XMPP to be used mainly within the following three areas:

  • Internet of Things.
  • Semantic Web (web 3.0).
  • Decentralized Social Networking.