Peter Saint-Andre for Council 2015

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I have been involved with the Jabber/XMPP community since late 1999, when I started a new job with a company called Webb Interactive Services that was supporting some of the early developers. Soon after that company formed (later Jabber Inc.), I joined the subsidiary. I stayed with that team through its acquisition by Cisco in 2008, where among other things I worked on a next-generation version of WebEx that used XMPP. I left Cisco in early 2014 to join &yet as its CTO, where I contribute to our Talky video conferencing service (also based on XMPP) and the broader Otalk platform. I am also very active with selling our product development services.

I have served as Executive Director of the XSF since 2001. At various times I have also served as Secretary (before Alexander Gnauck volunteered), Editor (before the Editor Team was formed), and as a member or chair of the Council (on the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th councils).

In 2009 or so I got very busy at the IETF, where I served one term as Applications Area Director (2010-2012) and where I have authored 30+ RFCs on messaging, security, internationalization, etc. At present I have 5 documents in the RFC Editor queue and I am in the late stages of finishing 3 other Internet-Drafts (these include several XMPP-related documents produced in the XMPP and STOX working groups). Now that I am wrapping up these IETF commitments, I have more time for XMPP work again.


I've authored the core XMPP RFCs (twice!), some other XMPP-related RFCs (e.g., on SIP-XMPP interworking), and several RFCs on security and internationalization that have an impact on XMPP (a full list is here). I've also authored or co-authored dozens of XMPP Extension Protocols, such as service discovery (XEP-0030), multi-user chat (XEP-0045), publish-subscribe (XEP-0060), and the Jingle specs (XEPs 166, 167, 176, 234, etc.). In 2009 I co-authored "XMPP: The Definitive Guide" for O'Reilly with Kevin Smith and Remko Tronçon. I'm also responsible for both the IM service and the IM Observatory at


Here is what I would like to focus on over the next 12+ months:

  • Define MUC2 to address a number of use cases that didn't exist when we defined Multi-User Chat (XEP-0045) back in 2002 (e.g., using a groupchat room as a conference focus for multiparty video calls).
  • Get our Internet of Things story straight by carefully reviewing the existing IoT XEPs and understanding how XMPP is used in and fits with the broader IoT ecosystem.
  • Update the Jingle XEPs to reflect the use of XMPP for signaling in WebRTC, make them more consistent with developments in real-time communications (e.g., trickle ICE), improve the definition of Jingle security preconditions, etc.