Peter Saint-Andre Application 2022

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Basic Information

XMPP Contributions

I got involved with the Jabber community in November 1999 and have been contributing ever since. I authored many of the early XEPs as well as the core XMPP RFCs at the IETF. For many years I served as XEP Editor, XSF Secretary, and XSF Executive Director. I still serve as XSF Treasurer.

What Are You Working On?

In February 2022, I retired from the Internet industry (my last tech job was Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at Mozilla). I am now working with my wife on a professional training seminar to help people better navigate the worlds of work and career, mostly based on positive psychology with a dash of ancient philosophy.

Why Are You Reapplying?

I still care about XMPP and it's probably good for the XSF's Treasurer to be a member of the XSF.