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About Me

In November of 1999, I was introduced to Jeremie Miller during my first week of working at Webb Interactive Services (which later became the parent company of Jabber Inc.). I liked Jer and got involved with this little open-source project he started called Jabber. After working at Jabber Inc. for 8 years, and then 5 years at Cisco after its acquisition of "JINC" in 2008, I joined &yet in January 2014. We're doing all sorts of fun and open-source things with a mix of XMPP, Jingle, JavaScript, and WebRTC (including collaboration with the Jitsi and Prosody projects).

Jabber/XMPP Activities

I've been actively working on Jabber/XMPP documentation and protocol specifications since late 1999, including the XMPP RFCs, dozens of XEPs, and XMPP: The Definitive Guide with Kevin and Remko. Over the years I've also served as Chair of the XMPP Council, as the original Secretary of the XSF, and as Executive Director of the XSF since 2002.

More recently, I've gotten back into coding, working in Lua on a few Prosody modules. Later this year I also hope to find time for contributing some patches back to the Gajim project.


Ever since that first meeting with Jer, I've been passionate about free, open, secure, instant communication. That passion continues to this day and drives all of my technical work. I'd like to continue that work as an XSF member in 2014-2015.


All of my contact information can be found at