Nicolas Vérité for Board 2010

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I am Nicolas Vérité. I have done a few presentations and written some stuff about XMPP, that makes me mostly an advocate. I work at ProcessOne as a project manager.

XMPP has won, IM has lost...

XMPP has won...

All the major internet players that wish to offer IM to its user base now wisely chooses XMPP: LiveJournal, Facebook, Nasza Klasa, StudiVZ/MeinVZ, and lots more.

...IM has lost

Even Microsoft is not developping its MSN/WLM flagship anymore, they are focusing on Social Network aggregator.

Social Networks are 'the thing' these days. IM is just a common feature.

Ahead of time


Jabber started as a better ICQ, XMPP is now perceived as an IM-only protocol. We need to change that perception.


The goal maybe not be to target what's next, but what's here to stay.

For example, we have a very poor UX as the file transfer is concerned, we need to fix that.



I know our core duty at the XSF is writing and maintaining XEPs, but most of the solutions to the above mentionned issues rely in more and better communication.

I know it's not usual for a Standards Organization to promote its own work, as most of the time it's the implementors that praise their own products based on these standards... But we can do it, so let's do it.

Innovative features

There is still no open standard for collaborative real-time edition. Is this the XSF's duty? What other Standards Organization could do it better?

XSF: bigger?

I really do believe the XSF is not where it should be: it should be far more successful, with more members, better living implementations, more widely used technologies, etc.