Nicolas Vérité Application 2019

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Obeying XEP-0345: Form of Membership Applications:

  • Contact Email: mailto colon nicolas dot verite at gmail dot com
  • Contact Jid: xmpp colon nyco at movim dot eu
  • Relevant Affiliations: XSF Board of Directors, president at, co-founder and CEO of Nayego
  • Legal Name: Nicolas Vérité


  • Many times served as a member of the board of directors
  • Served for many years at and XSF (board, commTeam, SCAM, XMPP Roundup, now XMPP newsletter)
  • I have been employed by many XMPP services companies, like Cap Gemini (Openfire), ProcessOne (ejabberd), Orange (Libon), Erlang Solutions (MongooseIM)
  • I have organised several meetups and conferences tracks
  • I have been an XMPP/Jabber evangelist and have given severals talks
  • I am co-founding Nayego, which delivers a Team Chat or Enterprise Instant Messaging system (of course based on XMPP)

Non-XMPP stuff

  • Open source and free software professional for almost 2 decades now, happy about it
  • Father of two
  • Riding a bike

I still truly believe the XSF is doing good, but the community as a whole is too much focussed on the protocol (only or mostly). We should now offer a world-class, leading platform.