Mike Taylor for Board 2013

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I am Mike Taylor and I'm applying to continue to be a member of the XMPP Board


I was a member of the 2011-2012 Board and was appointed to be the Chairman.

I've been programming and leading open source and community projects for many years. The focus on open source began when I transitioned from commercial projects to open source when I joined the Open Source Applications Foundation in 2005 to work on the Chandler Project. I am now working at &yet helping to make realtime web functional and crazy fast.

I have actively advocated for, and used, XMPP in every job I've had from about 1999 onwards and I continue to try and explain/support XMPP every chance I get.

XMPP Related Work

  • Working on moving the wordpress main site to a static site
  • Want to resurrect XMPP Testing and help automate Server capability scanning
  • Working to help make XMPP in the browser work by giving Lance and Fritzy any help they can at &yet
  • Contributions to SleekXMPP by being an early adopter of it and continuing to use it daily
  • Contributions to Tigase XMPP Server by supporting the team and using it while at Seesmic

Contact Info