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I have been active in the Open Source community since 1993, primarily within French Linux non-profit organizations. My engagement with Erlang/OTP began in 1998, leading to recognition as Erlang User of the Year in 2004 and the authorship of a French Erlang book published by Eyrolles.

My introduction to Jabber dates back to 2000 at IDEALX, where I advocated for Erlang in a large-scale Jabber Instant Messaging project for LibertySurf. This project emphasized scalability and reliability, foundational principles I've carried into my work, including the development of the Buster XML-based EAI system.

Founding ProcessOne in 2005 marked a deepened commitment to the Jabber community and the acceleration of the development of ejabberd. I served in the XSF board in 2009. Although I could not always get involved with the XSF as much as I wanted to, I have been working since 1999 on XMPP and since 2002 on ejabberd. I have been in the XMPP community for close to 25 years (Yes, I know, ...)

Evangelism / Why Am I Reapplying This Year?

With over two decades in XMPP advocacy, I've consistently highlighted its versatility and scalability. This year, my aim is to underscore XMPP's interoperability capabilities and its role in a connected ecosystem, advocating for broader adoption and understanding within the developer community.

Recent Achievements and Focus for 2024

- Interoperability Initiatives: My recent work emphasizes enhancing XMPP's interoperability with other communication protocols, reflecting the growing need for interconnected digital communication solutions.

- Community Growth and Support: I've intensified my involvement in community engagement, aiming to foster an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and the sharing of knowledge within the XMPP ecosystem.

- XEP Engagement: This year, I am committed to actively participating in the development and refinement of XMPP Extension Protocols (XEPs), providing feedback and suggestions to ensure XMPP remains at the forefront of communication technology standards.


As the Founder and CEO of ProcessOne, my role encompasses leading the company in developing advanced communication solutions, with a particular focus on XMPP and its integration with other protocols.

Contact Information

  • XMPP: mremond[A]process-one.net
  • E-mail: mremond[A]process-one.net