Michal Piotrowski Application 2018

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About Me

My name is Michał Piotrowski and I'm reapplying for the XSF member. I'm involved in MongooseIM developed at Erlang Solutinos. I have been the technical leader of MongooseIM until June 2017 when I switched to a customer project (also based on XMPP and MongooseIM)


During first half of 2017 I was active on mailing lists, especially around Bind 2.0 XEP which was created some time after Summit 21. I also attended Summit 22 this year and I have strong motivation to move forward with the whole idea of XMPP 2.0. I'm going to participate in creating / contributing to XEPs around this and also to the server code implementation. I think we need to implement XMPP 2.0 as soon as possible to see how this is backward compatible and how the backward compatibility can be added / improved.

Contact details

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