Maxime Buquet Application 2018

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Grumpy power user trying to get feature parity among clients and easy on-boarding as possible.

Also tries to reanimate events a bit within the community and make us visible to the outside world, because people think we're dead.

Currently working for Collabora Ltd. as a Systems Administrator. Contact details

Participated in:

  • Discussions around GDPR
  • Organizing and encouraging sprints.
  • Getting tickets and an setting up an assembly for 35C3.

Contributed to:

  • Poezio/slixmpp and sparsely in other client implementations, mostly reporting bugs.
  • Somewhat ongoing rust library that hasn't really progressed. Someday..
  • Packaging different projects for ArchLinux (prosody-hg, movim{,-git}, python-omemo{,-git}, etc.).

Also administrating a public server, still mostly WIP.

I heard there was free food at the summit, how do I get in?