Matthew Wild Application 2019

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My name is Matthew Wild, and I am located in the United Kingdom. I work with XMPP for fun and for food, and I lead the open-source server project Prosody.

XMPP-related work this past year

If you are interested in how I became involved in XMPP, please read my initial application. In particular my long-term goal stated there is still in progress.


  • Prosody, an XMPP server for human beings, Prosody
  • Scansion, an automated XMPP client (e.g. for integration testing)
  • ModernXMPP, a project to fill the gaps between XEPs and help developers build modern user-friendly clients using XMPP.


  • I actively participate in the development of the XMPP protocol and its extensions.
  • I served many years on the XSF technical council, and am currently in my third term as a member of the foundation's board.


  • MattJ in
  • Jabber/email: me (at)