Mathieu Pasquet Application 2024

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Required information

About me

I have used XMPP for more than 10 years now, and I have been developing XMPP-related stuff for a slightly shorter time, mostly on poezio and slixmpp, both of which I am a maintainer of. On the ops side, I have also been managing my own XMPP servers for a long while, and I am now also one administrator of the french JabberFR public server (together with Link Mauve), which we try to upgrade in lockstep with the new XEP implementations in prosody, to have a state-of-the-art XMPP experience for new users.

I have also helped at JabberFR booths in french free software events for non-technical people, to empower them in their instant messaging needs by using federated XMPP instead of walled gardens, as well as translating documentation and other documents like newsletters.

Aims for applying

My personal projects are still very much tied with XMPP, and therefore I would like to be able to influence the protocol and ecosystem through the various votes and interactions with other members (although the standards process is in the open, some information such as events still goes on the members list, as well as XSF status updates).