Martin Hewitt Application 2014

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My name is Martin Hewitt, and I wish to apply for membership to the XSF


I’m currently employed by Surevine, working on XMPP-based federated collaboration projects. I attended my first XSF summit this past January, which has prompted me to apply to join the XSF properly.

I’ve been coding since before university, in a range of languages and architectures. Despite only being exposed to XMPP in the last year (through my work at Surevine), I’ve quickly become an ardent convert, both in the technology and protocols, and the community and foundation.

I’ve founded two companies, worked for many more, and, with hindsight, can see innumerable opportunities where XMPP could, and should, have been the technology of choice. As a member of the XSF, I hope to spread the XMPP message further and wider, helping to make it the default go-to technology for the latest breed of ‘realtime’ web products.

XMPP-related work

I work with the buddycloud server daily, via xmpp-ftw, and its extensions, building mainly front-end applications that sit on top of an XMPP connection, implementing XMPP stalwarts such as presence and chat, as well as more novel extensions such as WebRTC via Jingle, and channels via buddycloud.


To help further XMPP-in-the-browser, and increase awareness and understanding of XMPP, particularly in the front-end world, as a mature pick-up-and-go realtime messaging system.


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Company: Surevine