Martin Dosch Application 2021

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Name: Martin Dosch

Profession: System test and commissioning engineer


Nicknames: Martin or mdosch (in MUCs), mdosch (on GitHub)

Company: Not related to XMPP/IM

XMPP Background

I am a user of XMPP since ~2004 and am operating my own server (for family and friends) since 2013. I am no programmer or developer (I only wrote some little tools like go-sendxmpp) but I am often running development versions of clients and of prosody to help the developers by testing the development version and reporting bugs. I also participated in creating some of the last newsletters by collecting news and proof reading.

Why do I reapply

I want to be more involved and help out the editor team. Although I didn't do as much as I planned as the last year was pretty busy at my day job I hope there will be times I can dedicate more time for this.