Marcelo Terres Application 2017

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This is the 2017 Q2 re-application for XSF membership of Marcelo Terres.

Contact Details


I am working and using XMPP at least since 2006, starting with Wildfire (now Openfire), deploying in customers and helping the community (in 2008 I created the Openfire-BR mailing list, that it is still active with an average of 400/500 members - more than 1k members, some years ago, before our host partner lost all data during a server fault).

I'm applying again because I want to continue to help the XSF to develop the protocol (unfortunately my only contribution in my first year was on FOSDEM, but I hope that now I'll have more time to contribute and continue my personal projects, all of them XMPP and/or Asterisk related).

Some projects

  • b9, an Openfire plugin
  • ServerInfo, another Openfire plugin
  • XyBot, a XMPP MUC bot that interacts with Asterisk
  • IVR Data Delivery, a solution to integrate Asterisk IVR data with 3rd party softwares using XMPP

Other stuff