Klaus Herberth Application 2014

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I'm Klaus Herberth and applying for XSF Membership.

Contact Details

Jabber ID: klaus@jsxc.org

Email: klaus@jsxc.org

Company: University of Konstanz

Current Job

Currently I'm doing my master in Computer Science at the University of Konstanz, where I'm also working as a research assistant. One of my task is to enhance my JavaScript Xmpp Chat, which can be included in every webpage.


As mentioned above, I'm the lead developer of JSXC (list of features, latest screenshots).


I want especially that more students, scientists and academic staff use XMPP, that's the reason why we published some papers e.g. in the journal of the German Research Network. For the same reason I created a "plugin" for the groupware solution SOGo and the e-learning system ILIAS. So I hope I can help to bring XMPP to every-day users.