Kevin Smith Application 2024

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As always, I'll try to make a short application (much the same as the others), although some of my older applications have more details. If people feel these are unhelpfully short, or have questions, please let me know (mail me at Isode).

I'm Kevin Smith, I work at Isode Ltd. where I'm responsible for the XMPP server (M-Link) and client (Swift) activities. As XMPP software is my job these days I mostly use my for XSF things and it's better to contact me there (my personal addresses have historically been for email, and for XMPP, but I don't necessarily monitor these - please mail me at Isode)

Code History:

Started sending patches to Psi in 2002 or so, ended up leading the project for a while. wrote XMPP: The Definite Guide (O'Reilly) with Peter and Remko. Started Swift with Remko. Did some work on sleekxmpp and sleekbot in the interim. Joined Isode, wrote a lot of server code and a lot of client code.

XSF History

Published some XEPs, spent a long time on and chairing Council. GSoC admin for quite a while. Iteam lead for quite a while, now doing things to help out when needed. Helped chair a few of the Summits. Recently trying to keep Editor going until Daniel joined in (thank you!). Generally active in XSF discussion.

Current interests:

BIND2/SASL2/MIX/MAM++/Spaces/References/Media sharing/Inboxes etc. Broadly, things that benefit organised groups - I look forward to the day that gaming groups choose XMPP as a more attractive alternative to Discord/Guilded/etc., and enterprises choose XMPP as a more attractive alternative to Slack/Teams/etc.


Because I do the above and intend to keep doing so.