Kevin Smith Application 2020

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Going short again with a ~= copy/paste from last year. Feel free to go through previous applications for snapshots of history.

I'm Kevin Smith, I work at Isode Ltd. where I'm responsible for the XMPP server and client activities. I use for email, and for XMPP (or for work things).

Within the XSF I've been a member for a long time, done 11 years of Council and Chaired it for most of that. I've been the GSoC admin for countless years (thanks to Flo for taking that on, these days), I was infrastructure team lead for a looong time, I'm nominally on the Editor team (but haven't done much recently) and I often chair the Brussels Summits. I also generally poke my nose into the rest of the XSF's business.

My XMPP history is that I ran the Psi project for a number of years, run the Swift project, run the M-Link project, co-wrote the O'Reilly XMPP book, and have done various smaller things like SleekXMPP contributions, bots, migration tools etc. I've written XEPs. I've bled, I've laughed, I've cried. My current focus is getting the user stuff right, working out how MIX, PAM, References, Unread sync etc. come together to make a compelling UX.

I'm applying because I've been contributing to the XSF for a long time and want to continue doing so.