Jonathan Schleifer Application 2009

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My name is Jonathan Schleifer and I'm reapplying for XSF membership.


I am a 20 years old student living in Würselen (near Aachen), Germany, who just finished school. I work for, am administrating my own Jabber server since October 2005, am a developer of Gajim and did a lot of work converting people to Jabber.

Jabber/XMPP Projects

  • Writing an iPhone client for
  •, my Jabber server, running since October 2005.
  • Gajim, a client where I am a developer.
  • WebKeks ICQ-t, more or less a fork of pyICQ-t to make it usable (this emerged from the version I use on my server).
  • I constantly try (and succeed!) to convert people to Jabber. This is like a project to me.
  • One of my personal aims is to make Jabber as easy to use as possible for the Average Joe user, so it will someday completely replace ICQ and MSN. (As an example, I could mention the GUI redesign I did for Gajim).
  • I plan to write an Objective C XMPP library once I finished my Objective C Framework.
  • Writing small patches whenever I come across something of which I think "That could be done better!".

Plans for the future

Working towards Jabber world domination :).

Seriously, I will keep working on the projects above and try to spread Jabber even more.

Jabber - Why I like it

I like the openness of Jabber and I think the idea to use XML for IM is cool, as it provides great ways of expandability.

Another reason is that I'm very pissed about ICQ and MSN who constantly change the protocol, log all messages and even claim copyright to your messages. I just like the fact that I have full control over my personal data with Jabber and everything is open.

Why I'm applying

Jabber is fun to me and I really want to help it and enhance it where I can. Oh, and I work for a XMPP-related company ;).


See User:Js.