Joachim Lindborg Application 2014

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About Me

I'm Joachim Lindborg Geolocated in Uppsala Sweden Dedicated to innovative technologies around energy efficiency, visualisations and smart energy usage and the emerging technologies for advanced energy control both in private and in commercial with the drive towards smart customers on a global market.

What happened so far in 2014

Why I Am reapplying for XSF Membership

I have been working with XMPP-IoT for two years as XSF member. I REALLY enjoy the people that are active in this community and I strongly feel that xmpp is a perfect candidate for a long lasting working protocol that can live for decades to come. especially in the "internet of things" field.

During 2015 I will (in non prioritised order)

  • Continue the work on the wiki [1]
  • Finalize the XEP for accessing things over the chat channel.
  • Continue the XMPP-IoT work with open code and applications
  • Active part in the XMPP summit in february and hopefully portland
  • continue the work on github [2]
  • Continue the IEEE work
  • Get some life into the XMPP meetup group in california [ SF Bay Area XMPP Meetup)

last applications to XSF


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