Joachim Lindborg Application 2013

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About Me

General BackGround

I am a graduate with in Computer Science at the Uppsala university Sweden Information Technology Uppsala I have been working in the field of energy and smart homes and energy efficiency since 1996 and have been working with a broad flora of tools to measure, control and make energy efficiency happen. I am using XMPP in major projects such as Intelligent energy services

Past Work

  • Working alot with LonWorks / LonMark, Modbus, IEC1107, Mbus, wMbus, RS485 related etc to enable measurment and control
  • Created the system for an eneregysavings company [1]
  • Working in the Swedish research company Sustainable Innovation [2] with energy efficiency
  • Part of the ISO/IEC/IEEE Internet of things standard
  • Working in the Swedish smart grid intitative

Taking part in the creation of several IoT XEP's

maintaining the git hub for several more

Why I Am reapplying for XSF Membership

I have now been part of the XSF during one year and I see that XMPP can be a vital part of the Internet of Things and I will continue the work that is begun during 2013 with the new Extensions

During 2014 I will

  • work with more XEP's that is useful for IoT
  • Get implementations for IoT out to the open source public
  • Create a tutorial for ease the start of using XMPP as a middleware for IoT
  • Continue the work on the wiki [3]

Contact Information