Joachim Lindborg Application 2012

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About Me

General BackGround

I am a graduate with in Computer Science at the Uppsala university Sweden Information Technology Uppsala I have been working in the field of energy and smart homes and energy efficiency since 1996 and have been working with a broad flora of tools to measure, control and make energy efficiency happen.

Past Work

  • Working alot with LonWorks / LonMark, Modbus, IEC1107, Mbus, wMbus, RS485 related etc to enable measurment and control
  • Created the system for an eneregysavings company [1]
  • Working in the Swedish research company Sustainable Innovation [2] with energy efficiency

I haven't done any standardisation project but have a broad knowledge of using protocols and what's needed to make them useful

Why I Am Seeking Membership

Taking part of and seeing several projects doing the "final solution" for lifecycle management of services in the energy sector from CORBA and OSGI and know the latest Fi-ware.

My solid feeling is that IP and XMPP with extending XMPP with capabilites for secure and authorised value transports is the only distributed solution that can do the trick to open up the energy sector

I would like to work with the extensions needed for this

Contact Information