Jack Moffitt for Board 2009

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My name is Jack Moffitt, and I'm re-applying to be on the XSF board. I served previously in this position in 2005, 2007, and 2008.


I've been a Free Software hacker for a number of years. My first project was the Icecast streaming media server. This led me to work on patent-free media formats, and I have since worked for a number of years on the Xiph.org family of projects. I served numerous times as the Executive Director of the Xiph.org Foundation, have been on the board for its entire lifetime, and have performed various functions such as software development, product management, marketing and business development.

Currently I am the CTO of Collecta, a real-time search engine company. The bulk of our engine is built on top of XMPP technology. Previously I founded Chesspark, an online chess community and game platform built on top of XMPP. My team and I also created the simple group chat application Speeqe.

I have been an XSF member (with a brief hiatus) since 2005, an served on the council in 2005.

Contributions and Work Relating to XMPP

  • Strophe a lightweight client library for XMPP in both JavaScript and C
  • palaver a Twisted Python based MUC component
  • punjab a Twisted Python based BOSH server
  • Speeqe A simple Web app for group chat
  • patches, bugs, and feedback for jabberd 2.x, Twisted Words, Loudmouth, xmpppy, ejabberd
  • served on XSF Council in 2005
  • served on XSF Board in 2005, 2007-8

The following are things I am planning to work on:

  • Improving the BOSH XEPs and their implementations
  • Speaking, writing and advocating XMPP to the world
  • Node as code type frameworks for XMPP
  • Microblogging on top of XMPP

Other Activities

I'm involved in an advisory/board role with the Xiph.org Foundation. I also advise several Internet startups.

Why I'm Re-Applying

I would like to continue participating in XMPP design, development, and promotion.

Contact Info

Via XMPP: xmpp:metajack@gmail.com or xmpp:jack@chesspark.com Via E-Mail: mailto:metajack@gmail.com