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There are two main tasks related to JabberStudio administration:

Creating new JS users on zeus

Web users are different from system users. Developers need to be system users with a shell account on zeus in order to check in code and modify their project websites. Here's how to create system users:

  • Log into zeus (you're soaking in it)
  • Type 'jsadduser username email' (make the system name the same as the person's JS web username if possible, it just makes life easier)
  • When prompted, type the person's Full Name
  • Skip the Room Number, Work Phone, and Home Phone
  • For Other, type the person's email address

When you're done, the jsadduser script will send an email to the new shell user.

Creating JS Projects

This is a two-part process: you need to access the web interface and also run the jsaddproject script on zeus. You MUST run the jsaddproject script before you hit the "Add" button on the "Add A Project" page!

Note: I tend to "interview" the project requester via Jabber because sometimes people are confused about whether they even really need a JabberStudio project, they're not ready to check in code and don't know what license to use, etc. Also, several years ago, temas and I decided that JS is for hosted projects only (projects that check in code), not the old-style projects that point to code elsewhere. Remember, JS is like SourceForge, not Freshmeat.

OK, here goes:

  • Log into http://www.jabberstudio.org/
  • Click the "Site Administration" link at the top right
  • Click "Add A Project" from the "Site Admin" menu
  • Fill out the form as follows:
    • Project Name: this is the friendly name, can contain spaces etc.
    • System Name: this is the system name, no spaces or caps etc.
    • Owner: this is the project owner's web username, not system username
    • Homepage: http://projectname.jabberstudio.org/ or URL of project owner's choice
    • Content Management URL: leave it blank (I don't know what this is for!)
    • Description: Project description as provided by project owner, edit as necessary (I always do!)
    • Type: Normal
    • License: FOSS license for project code (if you need to add a new one, ping me)
    • Platforms: General unless a client, then choose appropriate computing platform (if you need to add a new one, ping me)
    • Programming Language: Main code language for project code
    • Category: Choose one
    • Allow Anonymous Comments: uncheck (I don't know what this is for!)
    • Allow Anonymous Submissions: uncheck (I don't know what this is for!)

Now, BEFORE you hit the "Add" button, do the following!

  1. Double-check the form
  2. Run the jsaddproject script:
  jsaddproject project-name owner-shell-account email-address group-name


  • project-name = short system name from web form
  • owner-shell-account = project owner's shell account name from jsadduser
  • email-address = project owner's email address
  • group-name = short group name to be added to /etc/group (usually this is just the same as the project-name)

If the jsaddproject script completes with no errors, the project owner will receive a helpful and informative email and it will be safe for you to hit the "Add" button on the "Add A Project" page.

That's it!

Other Tasks

Mailing list setup etc. to follow.