Jérôme Poisson Application 2023

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(this is an updated copy of my previous application as it is still valid)

About Me

I'm the main developer of the project "Libervia", a multi frontends, multipurpose (not only focusing on instant messaging) XMPP client for more than 10 years. I'm following the XMPP community since then.

Beside that I'm also working on a generic and server independent PEP/Pubsub component, Libervia pubsub, which aims to be feature complete.

I have done many talks, and I'm trying to explain XMPP to technical audience, as this protocol is often badly known. I have written a series of article in French explaining XMPP, some of them have been translated to english.

I'm regularly posting "progress notes" about the development of Libervia, you can check them on my XMPP powered blog

I've developed an ActivityPub <=> XMPP gateway as Libervia component, and I've worked on Pubsub/File Sharing end-2-end encryption (thanks to a grant accorded by NLnet/NGI0 Discovery Fund)


Jabber ID goffi@jabber.fr

e-mail address: goffi@goffi.org

Blog (based on XMPP): https://www.goffi.org Project: https://salut-a-toi.org


I have currently no employer.

I'm the main developer of the Libervia project,and member of the board of the "Salut à Toi" French "loi 1901" association which manages it.

Plan on working with XMPP

On the XMPP side, we are building an universal tool, so we are focusing on many domains. We have several features with experimental implementation (e.g. fine tuning on blog items, which allows to have a single publication with restricted access), and now I'm willing to propose protoXEP to make them standard. We are also exploring new fields like tickets handling, merge requests or forums based on pubsub. We have working implementation and once again we would like to propose this as new standard. We also have implementation for advanced file sharing using Jingle, and an XMPP based web framework.

We use heavily pubsub, and one of my main goal is to fix issues with it, and add missing features.

For the organization, I would like to have XMPP based solutions (or at least solution accessible by XMPP) to handle the workflow (tickets, discussions, etc.). I'm willing to propose tools for that.

Why I'm reapplying

I'm extremely involved in XMPP, and I think it is important to be part of the XSF because it allows to influence the way the foundation is going (by discussions on member list, or with the vote on board and council), which can have major impact on our work.

Beside, I would like to help improving tooling by using XMPP and Free software based solutions.