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Interop event at XMPP Summit 11

On on Friday, February 3, at the XMPP hackfest of Summit 11 in Brussel, the XSF will be conducting a live interop event to test and demonstrate XMPP interoperability based on the latest core standards. Client and Server implementers are encouraged to participate. Online/remote participation is also welcome.

There is a XEP-0045 chatroom hosted at - if anyone has interop problems connecting to it, this is known to be reachable from accounts.

There is also a mailing list - joining it can be done by sending email to with a subject line of "subscribe", or alternately by using the Web interface.


It is our goal to set up an infrastructure suited to accommodate a lot of different tests. During the day this infrastructure can be used for interop testing and debugging issues found.

How to participate

To participate you can:

  1. Set up a server for testing
  2. Bring along a client
  3. Think of tests to perform

Proposed tests

Right now the following tests are proposed:

  1. Internationalization: Nobuo Ogashiwa, Hirotaka Sato
  2. File transfer: Nicolas Vérité
  3. BOSH: Isode (probably)

Setting up a server

Servers can be setup on their own domain and with their own CA certificate. It is also possible to use a subdomain of and a CA certificate for the event. If you participate with a server, please add it to the list below, announce it on the interop mailinglist or send a mail to Winfried Tilanus. If you want to make use of the domain and the CA, please use one of these e-mail adresses too.

When setting up a sever, keep the following in mind:

  1. To avoid testing too many variables at once:
    • Each participating server has one IM domain, and a chatroom subdomain.
    • These are setup with only SRV records, no A/AAAA records.
    • No other ports then the defaults: 5269, 5222 and 5280.
    • CA certificate setup correctly
  2. To make several test scenarios possible:
    • muc active
    • s2s active
    • BOSH active on :5280/http-bind/
  3. To easily create accounts for the clients:
    • In band registration active

Server participation

The following servers will participate:

  • ?

Setting up a client

To participate with a client:

  • Just bring them along, but it would be nice to know on forehand what clients will be present. So please add it to the list below, announce it on the interop mailinglist or send a mail to Winfried Tilanus.
  • If your client works from out a constrained environment (like a Javascript BOSH client), please setup the infrastructure needed to break out of it (eg a webserver / proxy) so you can reach the servers.
  • Please prepare some way to debug the communication (if it is not standard in your client): the value of the tests increase very much if you are able to debug failures.

Client participation

The following servers will participate:

  • ?

Running tests

  • During the event you can use your client(s) to run whatever tests you want to do with them against whatever server is available.
  • If you need the clients/assistance from others for your tests, please announce it here on forehand, so we can prepare and/or schedule them.
  • Please document what tests you have run and what the results were. If a test fails unexpectedly, and you are able to attach debugging information to the results, please do so. That is very valuable information.