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This page lists various initiatives related to the use of XMPP in the "Internet of Things" (e.g., smart grid applications). These topics are discussed on the email list.

XMPP for the Internet of Things

The XSF community has initiated a new interoperable XMPP based extension series to enable sensors and actuators to communicate in the IoT world

the extensions has been issued as experimental and are available in the XSF extension folder

The extensions and the work is described more in depth on the Wiki IoT systems

Links to important documents relating to Internet of Things and XMPP:

  • Main: Main page.
  • XEPs Explained: Description of xeps and their interaction. If you are new to XMPP & Internet of Things, you should read this.
  • IoT Examples: Mashup some examples from different industries, help finding new ones.
  • IoT Support: Here we describe who support this and related work that can help you.
  • IoT Interoperability: How we will keep everything truly interoperable.
  • IoT Security: This is one of the strongest benefit of using XMPP.
  • IoT XMPP Process: How is the process of the xep's and interoperability interfaces managed.
  • IoT Constrained Devices: Going in to the world of restricted devices we need special care.
  • IoT Local Environment: When dealing with home automation or a local network we need serverless or a local server configuration.
  • IoT Http over XMPP: This extension extends the web to include devices in XMPP networks.

OpenADR 2.0

The OpenADR Alliance is considering XMPP as one transport method for demand/response payloads in version 2.0 of its standards. Visit for more information.

IEEE P1451.1.4

The IEEE is working to define a "Standard for a Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors, Actuators, and Devices - eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) for Networked Device Communication". More information at

Network Test Automation Forum

Perhaps related to the Internet of Things and network management is work by the Network Test Automation Forum (NTAF). Visit for more information.

Internet Protocols for the Smart Grid

RFC 6272, "Internet Protocols for the Smart Grid", includes a section on XMPP. This can be a helpful reference document when discussing the use of XMPP in the Internet of Things.