Guillaume Le Gales for Board 2010

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I used to work as a marketing consultant on Internet or Media projects for European companies (while doing some coding at night).

Currently, I'm CEO of U Pro, a live broadcasting service with real time tools over XMPP, like chat or slidecast. I also funded U Federation, a French free group chat service using XMPP technology.

I've been an XSF member since 2009, and have been contributing since in the 'Communication' team.


Although I code (now night and day), I probably am better in communications and marketing.

While doing PR in France for my company, I've already had a couple times the opportunity to promote XMPP in leading French magazines (business or IT).

I also publish French articles in the blog Marketing 3.0, covering the real time web and XMPP technologies.

For XSF, I am an active member of the 'Communication' team, and helped on the launch of the new site, wiki updates and roundups.

On a more tech approach, I use XEP-0045 with Strophe on an Ejabberd infrastructure, I currently work a lot on the client side to combine HTML5 video and XMPP real time tools.

I also work on QoS optimization and large scale deployment.

Why I'm applying

In the past years, we've seen XMPP confirming it's great potential, counting it's users in hundreds of millions.

But I still meet too few :

  • developers knowing about it
  • schools teaching it
  • journalists writing on it
  • ...

My goals are the following :

  • developing the developper's / editor's awareness on the XMPP technology
  • marketing XMPP's benefits on the site and in the medias
  • coordinating the definition and implementation of a communication action plan


You can contact me at :

  • IM : guillaumelegales(at)