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Google Summer of Code 2024 Project Idea

This page describes a Google Summer of Code project idea. Please refer to Google Summer of Code 2024 for an overview of the XMPP Standards Foundation's involvement with GSoC 2024.

The XMPP project that is the subject of this GSoC Project Idea is the project. Prav is a messaging service which can be used to exchange messages, audio/video calls, files, images and videos through internet.

Project Size 350 hours
Difficulty Medium

Google Summer of Code project description

Phone number + SMS OTP based authentication is a very popular method of using internet services in many parts of the world, popularized by services like WhatsApp. This approach is followed by Quicksy and Prav (a Quicksy fork). But presently, this is being done in a custom approach which is specific to QuicksyServer+Quicksy client application. We need to enable users to sign up / login to XMPP with SMS authentication in a standards compliant way.

Prav is presently limited to Android because it relies on this custom implementation (in the rebranded version of Quicksy). If we implement a standards compliant way of doing this we will be able to allow any XMPP client to sign up to This will allow Prav to be used from iOS and other platforms.

Deliverables / Expected Results

Implement XEP 0388 in Quicksy server (for SMS OTP second factor) and complete its implementation in ejabberd allowing any XMPP client to sign up to service.

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Source Code
OSI-License Apache 2.0
Teaser Tasks [1] and [2]
Project Contacts email: prav at xmpp: jishnu at
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