Florian Jensen for Board 2011

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Who am I?

I'm Florian Jensen (just like the page title says), I'm the Co-Founder of Flosoft.biz, where I am currently the CTO, Vice President of Royal Holloway Entrepreneurs and a student in my spare time. I'm currently in my 3rd year of Computer Science with Management at Royal Holloway, University of London, where I might at some point get a bachelor degree.

In short: I'm surprised I'm still on the course.

My XMPP / XSF History

Back in 2004, I was playing around with Linux and was looking for an alternative to MSN. I quickly realized the power of XMPP and launched my first public XMPP server. Fascinated by this, I tried to get more and more involved in XMPP. I joined the XSF in 2007 and been a member since.

Over time, I've helped out managing the infrastructure, launched a few XMPP related sites (i.e. jabberforum.org) and held a talk about large scale XMPP systems at the XMPP Summit #6.

I'm also the "dinner guy" who makes sure we have a nice XSF dinner during the Summits in Europe, and been serving on the XSF Board for two years now.

Why I'm standing

Being a horrible programmer, I would like to contribute more to the XSF by organizing events, promoting XMPP and raise funds for the XSF.

Most of my efforts over the last two years has gone into fundraising and getting the summit in Europe set up.

I would love to serve on the XSF Board for another year and work on getting more interop events going, raising awareness of XMPP and promoting federation.

Contact Info

You can of course always contact me.

XMPP: xmpp:admin@im.flosoft.biz

Mail: mailto:florian@florianjensen.com