Fannys Bampaloukas Application 2024

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  • Name: Fannys Bampaloukas
  • Pronouns: They/Them
  • Mail address: email [at] fannys [dot] me
  • JID: msavoritias at
  • Sourcehut: msavoritias

I am working as developer/infra person.

About Me

I have been using XMPP since 2021 and involved with XSF and the XMPP ecosystem since 2022. Currently live in Finland.


None. Unemployed :)

My XMPP projects and activities

I am involved with JoinJabber. I manage the infrastructure and moderate the groupchats. Currently the infra is being moved to guix by me :D

I also have a semi-official Guix room in XMPP. I plan to spin up a server for XMPP for the Guix project and move that groupchat under the official guix domain.

I also develop AppleSauce which is a p2p, GNS based, networks of consent client based on Spritely and written in Guile.

Outside of that I manage a lot of other public rooms moderation wise and I also have the official OpenStreetMap room in XMPP.


As AppleSauce is getting developed I plan to propose XEPs and talk about making XMPP also p2p and GNS friendly. To that end I want to be close to XSF and be part of the XMPP evolution towards that.

I would like to see a more diverse crowd in the XSF conferences and hackerspaces in general and want to work towards that.

I also would like to strive towards more inclusivity in all XSF events. That can be either vegan options or the health pledge for example.

I would also like to work in moderation and rules for the XSF rooms in XMPP. This can include improvements to the description (putting the CoC there) and improvements in the CoC itself.