Edward Maurer for Board 2023

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Edward Maurer, I am working non-XMPP related in the Energy / offshore wind industry as a team lead within software automation. Hamburg, Germany.

My XSF profile and its listed applications will tell you the most important activities and affiliation in my past and future. But my most interesting experience within XMPP Standards Foundation is my role as CommTeam member since about 2020 and as an XSF Board member in 2023.

Motivation since ever: Bridging XMPP with <3 - I try to connect and let potential thrive between the islands.

Why I Run for Board 2023

As last year, I believe within the XMPP community a lot of good work is being done by our brilliant people. They deserve good organization, a prospering community and the right atmosphere to develop their products, software and ideas. Building good infrastructure, also means to me building a great community around it. This is also the responsibility of the XMPP Standards Foundation in my opinion.

However, I think the XMPP Standards Foundation could require some improvements in terms of organization, communication and structural setup to exactly serve everyone and last but not least the development of the protocol and standard. In the current situation is in a very dysfunctional state (without blaming anyone) and not serving the purpose as its best. Indicators are currently mainly the situation around the XEP Editor and development which last for more than one year without big progress. To be open, I was fighting within my limited capabilities around this topic but without big success. Furthermore, few resources, few activity by work-groups and even more people resigned frustrated. So, we should take actions on potential improvement to not stop their work. In general, I think we have an alarming situation within this organization and it should be taken very serious.

What I advocate for, but not necessarily enforce

  • Solve the situation the XMPP Standards Foundation at its core work (XEPs) wherever we can (suggestions welcome)
  • Strengthen the teams, especially focused with our core work
  • Strengthen the XMPP Standards Foundation in being a central instance within the XMPP Community
  • Actually use our budget to support the above topics
  • Attempt fundraising and revitalize sponsoring activities
  • A general and centralized organization around XSF. We should have decent mails, calendar and platform, not spread around multiple services
  • Improve the situation around XMPP in a professional context
  • Make XMPP Standards Foundation and XMPP more attractive and also gain interest from newcomers
  • Continue monthly meetings of Board (I think we improved here since 2021)
  • Occasionally have Audio / video calls to have a better and personal exchange and tone within the XMPP Standards Foundation and community
  • More communication from Board to members, but also in general

Achievements within the last period (2022)

  • Thanks to cal0pertyx we deployed a new view organizational chart finally to the website!
  • Prepared a strategic workshop with the XMPP Community (November 2023)
  • Participated in a Podcast to talk on XMPP (November 2023)
  • Another successful round of Google Summer of Code with two XMPP projects participating.
  • Monthly meetings of Board
  • Out of my communication role: more than 1000 new followers to the XMPP Mastodon channel

What I will try within the next year

  • Take action on the results out of the strategy workshop (November 2023)
  • Improve the situation to apply on time for events like FOSDEM, 38c3 etc.
  • Continue my attempt to improve the team setups for especially editorial and infrastructure work, if required with our budget
  • Continue my work in the Communication Team (Hell yeah, we still need your support!) and drive to spread the word on XMPP
  • Continue to run another round of Google Summer of Code (if it takes place)

What not to expect from me

  • Deep technical XMPP discussions or knowledge - the only XEP I read is XEP-0001!
  • Fundamental views on anything. I see myself quite liberal and usually try to evaluate, build alliances and align with as much parties as possible to pull in the same direction all together. Exceptions might appear still. And yes I know this path can take more time sometimes - I assume this to be pretty democratic.

Reach out to me via my XSF member profile and its applications if you have any questions or points already!

Cheers, Eddie