Edward Maurer Application 2020

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I am Edward Maurer and usually know as emus or echolon.

Hereby I would like to apply for membership in the XSF.

About Me

Currently I am working in the wind power industry** which, unfortunately, is not related to XMPP - at least not yet! :) Energy and Environmental Engineering is what I studied in Hamburg.

I use XMPP as my main communication since 2016. My main active involvement is the German and Spanish translation of the monthly XMPP Newsletter. Another thing I work on is the On-boarding of XMPP newcomers. Hereby I am trying and testing to define soft and hard criteria for servers which are sufficient for very new people within XMPP. This already lead to significant service improvement of selected servers. Furthermore I invest some time to give more or less quality feedback and improvement suggestions to different clients as well as supporting developers with communication and organizational support. In 2018 and 2019 I attended to XMPP Meetups and a Sprint in Berlin.

In general, I see myself as a bridge - I connect and thrive potential between the islands.

Bridging XMPP with <3


It is 2020 now and still most people condense their digital life into closed and proprietary software and databases. In terms of communication, XMPP is, with its decentralized, open, modular and last but not least standardized setup, the right choice for the upcoming challenges and threats to our still ongoing digital transformation and turnaround. It might be not the easiest choice of technology, however it is the right one in my opinion.


XMPP & Email: emus (ett) mailbox (tod) org

No relation to a company or institution.

** In a discussion (25th Feb 2020, XSF chat) I was told that I have to explicitly name the company I work in. However, when appling I did as an individual and never saw any relation to a non-related employer (nor that this a seemingly pre-requisite). So far I prefer to keep that private, however agreed to tell it privately to the XSF secretary who is fine with the application. I also offered to everyone, if that is absolutely important to vote on me to offer my employer privately as well. Feel free to contact me.