Diana Cionoiu Application 2008

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I live in Bucharest, Romania, where I work as a manager for Null Team (the company behind Yate project).


I've been working in the telecom field for almost 6 years, the last 4 for the Yate project. I have some technical background as a network administrator and web developer, but I'm working much more as a manager, so my technical skills are a bit rusty. 2 years ago, we added Jingle support to Yate and I've started to become very interested in how XMPP can be used for United Communications. I've provided feedback about the Jingle specs directly to Peter Saint-Andre instead of posting to the public discussion lists. Also I gave a talk about Yate and Jingle at FOSDEM 2007 and will attend the XMPP Summit #5 in Portland this year.

Jabber - Why I like it

I tend to see XMPP as a possible future for communications, if the Jingle protocol will become more appropriate for telephony. We are working hard on this for the Yate project.

Why I'm applying

I want to use my experience in the telecom field to help XMPP to become a real solution for rather closed or improper protocols we have now for Unified Communications.


I can be contacted over Jabber at: l-fy@kramer.null.ro