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Dave Cridland

XEP-0345 Mandatory Stuff

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Relevant Affiliations

I currently work for Peppy Health, who don't do anything in the XMPP world. I'm also very peripherally involved with Ignite Realtime and Openfire, and occasionally poke my nose in elsewhere.

Legal Name

In very rare formal cases, I'm David Alan Cridland. More normally, I'm Dave, or simply 'dwd'.

More Info

See my [User:dwd user page] for more stuff.

Vote for me because...?

There are few good reasons to vote for anyone in particular. But I have generally had a tendency not to spam GitHub or duplicate entire mailing lists in order to mount personal attacks, so there's that going for me, I suppose.

I'm also one of the few people willing to write process documents, which keep us from being even more opaque and byzantine than we are already. This is deeply ironic, since I can't stand process-heavy places. But the alternative is no-process, and that, it seems, is worse. Curiously, one does not need to be an XSF member to write these, but obviously nobody who's not even a member will do so.

Anyway. Vote for me. Or don't.