Dan Caseley Application 2023

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Affiliations & Projects

  • Openfire contributor (as well as small contributions to other Ignite Realtime XMPP components)
  • Surevine contractor, doing various XMPP-integrated projects


I've had an absolute blast helping bring Openfire 4.8.0 to Beta in the last few months. I've been a contributor for years, but this has been a really big push.

While still more a reader than a writer in the XSF chat, I enjoy contributing where I can. I'm particularly enjoying an occassional "But what if..." on the rare event that XMPP chatter intersects with my real-world life as a software tester.

I'm mulling an approach to a tasty testy project, perhaps turning XEPs into test matter. It started as a browser extension to provide your own Dramatis Personae, but there isn't enough consistency between XEPs to make that work.