Damien Jeske Application 2019

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Im studying business administration with focus on technology, operations and processes.
For some years Im engaging as a student assistant, helping my fellow students with software issues on their devices and
Im also supporting the german association for privacy and civic rights (digitalcourage.de).


Full name: Damien Jeske
Mail address: damien.ver@mailbox.org
JID: mabihir@trashserver.net

Purpose of applying:

Im very interested in privacy and also in anonymous messaging. Years ago I left WhatsApp when it was sold to facebook, in fall 2018 I discovered XMPP.
My concern is to persuade my social environment of free and open source software and also of using XMPP. Although Im not a typical information scientist,
I may support the XSF with personal activity like translating newsletters or organising local XMPP meetups.
Last but not least I want to spread XMPP under students and small and medium-sized businesses.