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FOSDEM 2020 (the Free and Open Source Software Developers' Europe Meeting) will take place on Saturday, February 1 and Sunday, February 2, 2020 in Brussels, Belgium.

Anyone applying to Lightning Talks, or otherwise planning for any involvement? Please leave details on this wiki page!

FOSDEM 2020 will be preceded by XMPP Summit 24.

The XSF needs your help to make FOSDEM a success!

Who will be there

The following people plan to be there in person.

Name Nick comments
Daniel Gultsch inputmice Saturday only
Winfried Tilanus winfried Both days
Marvin Wissfeld larma
Guus der Kinderen Guus

Submitted Talks

Track Name Title Description Time
Real Time Devroom Winfried XMPP: get your shopping carts ready! A dive into the XMPP extensions Sunday 10:50
Security Devroom Winfried The hairy issue of end-to-end encrypted instant messaging About threat model and implementation issues with end to end encryption in instant messaging Saturday 17:30
Decentralized and Privacy Devroom Winfried One size security fits nobody About understanding threats and how to integrate it in your risk management not accepted
Open Source Design Devroom Winfried Designing to change it all Design thinking taken to the extreme Sunday 16:00

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