Bartlomiej Gorny Application 2018

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Bartłomiej Górny

I'm an Erlang developer (used to by a Pythonista). I've been working in Erlang Solutions for two years as a core developer and implementation engineer of MongooseIM. I'm using XMPP on a daily basis, implemented a few XEPs, and the longer I use it the more I believe in it.

Though still a relative newbie, I participated in the last XMPP Summit. On FOSDEM I gave a talk "XMPP as the road to innovation", I hope to show it on other conferences, it seems to be a good promotion vehicle.

I'd like to be more involved in the development of the protocol, hence the application.

As a sidenote, my first contact with instant messaging was Gadu-Gadu, about fifteen years ago. I also experimented with Jabber back then. Now I have my own XMPP server, along with mail and web, since I like to be independent.