Arc Riley for Council 2014

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I've been a heavy user and advocate of XMPP since 2004.

I currently serve as director for Copyleft Games Group, lead Python XML SIG, and maintain several software projects related to XMPP. Among them recently;

  • NodeTree - an XML data binding package for Python, which supports XML stream processing including XMPP
  • LightMelody - XMPP C library based on Loudmouth, largely rewritten using modern libraries (GLib/GIO) and cleaning up the API
  • mod_xmpp - Apache module implementing XMPP over WebSockets, which hopefully will make deployment easier/cleaner vs setting up a WebSockets web proxy

I started mod_xmpp and NodeTree as components for building a XMPP service framework in Python with the goal being to be able to quickly build XMPP-backed web applications with a dozen or two lines of Python and XSLT. I've given talks demonstrating building a simple XMPP PubSub-based wiki where changes can be seen by other viewers in realtime.

I'm a vocal proponent of XMPP over WebSockets, especially in tapping into the growing WebRTC community to promote XMPP as a federated, open network for building WebRTC-based webapps on, and have given many talks on the subject.

I've also done some work getting a Dublin Core based XML metadata standard for online game catalogs as part of my work with Copyleft Games Group.

Why I'm Running

I believe my XML/XMPP experience makes me a good candidate for the Council.

Frankly, we have a fairly good list of council candidates and I have faith that whichever subset is elected will do a fine job. I'm running because at the time I'm throwing my hat in the ring (Oct 31) there are only 5 candidates for 5 positions, and uncontested elections suck.

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