Arc Riley for Board 2014

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I served on the board in 2012, and am running again for 2014.


I've been a heavy user and advocate of XMPP since 2004.

Over the past 15 years I've served as director for dozens of 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations including community centers, sports clubs, religious organizations, educational tech organizations, charities, and a local currency system. While very different in purpose, these organizations share a great deal in the need for fund raising, outreach, volunteer engagement, and building a positive public image.

I currently serve as director for Copyleft Games Group, lead Python XML SIG, and maintain several software projects related to XMPP.

In 2012 I primarily spoke and presented regarding XMPP, my largest undertaking was organizing a poster session at PyCon with Ralph Meijer and Lance Stout.

XMPP Promotion Work

WebRTC and XMPP go together like peanut butter and jelly. I feel we need to promote this much heavier than we have, before the web is flooded with javascript libraries offering solutions based on walled-garden networks. Federation is a feature across all usage domains.

In my role with Copyleft Games, I've been promoting XMPP as an open, decentralized game network as an alternative to the closed, centralized game networks operated by Microsoft (XBox Live), Sony (Playstation Network), Steam, etc. XMPP already provides most of the essential functionality of these networks; authentication, messaging, roster, voice chat, etc. What we lack are games and game engines supporting it.

Over the next year, I'll be investing a great deal of energy on a marketing and promotion group specifically around XMPP for gaming - both for foss/copyleft games and independent proprietary games, which I would like to see spearheaded under the XMPP Standards Foundation banner. The primary target for this will be the emerging mobile multiplayer games and "plugin-less" HTML5 games markets which is not currently targeted by existing game networks and, due to their one-shot nature, usually lack desirable features XMPP can provide "for free" through client libraries and existing server infrastructure.

If elected to the board, this will be my primary focus in that role.

There are many other application areas which could similarly use industry-specific promotion such as IoT. I feel these are important and wholly support efforts to further the use of XMPP in these areas, an ideal XSF board would be composed of people involved in promoting XMPP in different application areas.

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